• Bond Fee: $150.00
  • Regular Membership: $230.00
  • Long-time Membership: $195.00
  • Senior Citizen Membership: $110.00
  • Non-Member Daycare Provider: $85.00 ea.
  • Non-Member Daycare Child: $85.00 ea.
  • Late Join (After July 4th-New Members Only): $168.00
  • Late Fee for Renewals (If postmarked after 4/30/17): $25.00

Bond Fee: A one-time cost in order to hold an annual membership.

Regular Membership: A member or member family is defined as that individual or family unit that consists of those person(s) taking permanent residence in the same house or apartment (typically a parent or parents and their children).  

Long-time Membership: No kids under age 13 and 5 years active membership

Senior Citizen Membership: Seniors must be 62 or older.

Non-Member Daycare Provider: Must always be with member daycare child.

Non-Member Daycare Child: Must always be with the member that has the daycare.

* If anyone fabricates memberships in any way, you will be asked to pay the correct fee(s). If payment is neglected your membership will be revoked.

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